1) Higher Certificate in Theology (16 modules; 122 credits) (NQF Level 5) SAQA registration Number: 96788

The Certificate in Theology is a 16 module, 122-credit programme and may be completed in one year of full-time study. (Full-time study is defined as four modules per term.) This programme is designed to prepare students in basic Bible and Theological studies in order that they may be equipped as effective church members.
Entrance requirement: Grade 12 pass (NSC).

Abbreviation of Qualification at completion: HCert (Theology)

2) BA in Theology (48 modules; 362 credits) (NQF Level 7) SAQA registration Number: 64692
The BA in Theology is a 48 module, 362-credit programme and may be completed in three years of fulltime study. (Full-time study is defined as four modules per term.) This programme is intended to prepare learners for pastoral ministry, missionary work, or Christian Education work. The learners are preparing for an active career in Christian service in their local churches or Christian organizations. Learners may also go on to register for a BA Honours in Theology after successfully completing this degree. 
Entrance requirement: Grade 12 (NSC) pass with entry into a Bachelors degree or with exemption
Abbreviation of Qualification at completion: BA (Theology)


3) BA Honours in Theology (5 Modules; 130 credits) (NQF Level 8) SAQA registration Number: 64629

The BA Honours in Theology can be completed in one year but sometimes extends over two or more years. The programme requires a total of 130 credits which are earned through three 25 credit modules, a 25 credit Academic Research module and a 30 credit Mini-thesis. The programme is designed to give pastors, missionaries, and Christian workers an opportunity to do postgraduate work with a view to proceeding to a Masters Degree programme. (No Masters level programmes are offered at ICBM at present. Our graduates have been accepted for Masters level studies at universities both in South Africa and internationally.) This programme is research and discussion-based and learners receive opportunity for interaction and the sharing of results of their research in class sessions. The aim is to help develop the research and communication skills of the learners so that they can minister more effectively to the Body of Christ.
Entrance requirement: Christian leaders and lay persons who have completed a BA (Theology) or B.Th. qualify for this programme. A minimum grade average of 60% is required for entrance to the BA (Hons) degree. Students desiring to take the New Testament or Old Testament modules need at least one year of Greek (New Testament) and at least one year of Hebrew (Old Testament). Those who have completed a Three-year Bible College Diploma (360 credits) need to complete an additional 120 credits (Usually for Non Degree Purposes) to obtain entrance into the BA Honours programme. Exceptions to this requirement may be made for persons with other academic qualifications beyond the three-year Bible Diploma and at least 5 years of ministry experience. Evaluation will be conducted by the ICBM Academic Control Committee and a decision given. 
Abbreviation of Qualification at completion: BA Hons (Theology)


‚ÄčNOTE: Term Four starts on Tuesday 9 October and ends on Wednesday 12 December.